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Lot 5 - Miss V8 255/9

[07/07/20] V8 Ranch - "Made for Magic" Online Heifer Sale


Sold for $50,250.00

* Prices listed are unofficial. Contact seller for official sale results

Additional Information

Registration No 1010070
Date of Birth November 18, 2019
Sire Mr. V8 146/8
Dam Miss V8 997/6


Wow! What an eye catcher! Every time I drove in the embryo pasture during Houston this year, everyone asked “what is this heifer?” She just flat stood out as an outstanding heifer amongst the group of calves. This heifer never stops without giving you a good look. Very level topped, beautiful headed, long bodied and muscular in her design; she will be a front pasture female all her life. Out of Yeti’s dam, Miss V8 997/6, this heifer traces back to a long line of great show females, embryo donors, high sellers, and prolific producers. If you know V8 females, that bottom line of cows along the pedigree (997/6, +58/6, +73/5, and +165/4) are just about as good as it gets. Miss V8 997/6 has produced 40 calves through embryo production with an average selling price of $18,750 with V8 retaining 7 replacement females. Her mother, +Miss V8 58/6 also produced Mr. V8 274/7, “George.” Look at 997/6’s picture. She is one big powerful cow weighing almost a ton in the pasture. She also comes from a long line of females who were large egg producers when they were flushed! Great cows breed great calves. Sired by the very popular 3 time Houston Champion Mr. V8 146/8 just adds to the female power with the +805/6 and 100/7 cows. This heifer has world famous, very well-known cows scattered throughout her family tree. 146/8 has the best calves on the ranch and is a very consistent breeder with a lot of muscle, uniformity and, more importantly from a production standpoint, his offspring have been born with a very manageable birth weight! They also are very gentle. Lots of nice combinations to have with marketing cattle. Again, another heifer with great EPD numbers: five traits in the top 10% for the entire breed. BW: 83 pounds.